Monday, May 19, 2008

What a shame

Since my last malnutritioned post, I have been so preoccupied with my busy academic and friends-full life, that I could only browse and browse and read other peoples' blogs and not updating mine.

So, here comes the update in no particular logic or order
1- My acne problem has cleared up, only to be replaced by another type of annoying smaller version of it :-S
2- I realized that the less I stress, the more glow I emit and the cuter I look afterwards.
3- Newsweek is weak and the Economist is my new addiction
4- I could be so bored at times, that I would actually buy some trinkets online to be shipped to me from Japan to decorate my gadgets with.
5- I am writing this right now in an attempt to avoid my statistical analysis of some useless data that adds nothing to the world or my personal growth for that matter
6- I am becoming more and more superficial as I grow older (at least this is how I see myself now) (No! I refuse to be a superficial woman!)
7- I miss the Gulf and want to elope there, alone!
8 - *Staring at the ceiling at the college's library*, ahhh I wish it is not almost 9 pm now and I do not have to go home with my final incomplete again!
9- Will Hillary quit already? and make news channels interesting and worth watching once again
10- I am so super glad that my peeps (Russians) have resumed their control and won the GOLD at the Ice Hockey World Championship! (It took us 15 years!)
11- On the other hand, I'm very ashamed at the JEM's attack on our Capital in the Sudan. Wallahi fa'9i7a le alhukuma!!! Allah yistur 3ala alli jaee.

That's it for now, better resume analyzing my data

Missed blogging :-)


NYchick said...

3 and 4
join the club :)

Darfur Daily News said...

You posted on my blog:

[ But, how can you self-proclaim the reliability of your sources. Isn't that just a heavy burden?]

They are my friends, old colleagues and family members.

Darfur Daily News

nyxxie said...

Come to the gulf <3

Rara Avis said...

oh Nyxxie
that's nice of you
you'll be my "kafila"?